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Since 2001, Fun with French Preschool has been operated by the Fort French Play Society, a registered non-profit organization. The parents of the children enrolled are responsible for the operation of the preschool. This allows us to keep our fees low and make sure that resources go towards enhancing our children's preschool experience.

Preschool bylaws can be found here.

At Fun with French Preschool, we believe in the power of play as a learning tool and the role of students as active participants in their own education. All children are competent, curious and creative, and student-led learning puts students’ questions and interests first. 

Sharing common tools and techniques with the Reggio Emilia and Montessori educational philosophies, Fun with French Preschool recognizes that children themselves are central to their own learning experience and need to be fully engaged and excited. Madame Kim is always prepared with a detailed lesson plan, and the class involves plenty of structure, however she is also flexible and allows for space to explore each student’s interests and the different ways in which they learn. The end goal is to spark a lifelong love for learning, which we believe is the most important outcome of early education.

Executive Board
The executive board is elected yearly and consists of parent volunteers. Elections for board positions will take place at the Spring General Meeting.  The executive board is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the preschool. Detailed description of the requirements of executive board positions can be found here.

President - Jenn Dechaine
Vice President / Registrar - Kaitlin Eyestone
Treasurer - Richelle Dewald
Secretary - Meghan Anderson
Special Events / Fundraising - Tricia Monteith
Communications / Advertising - Pamela McGrath

There is no mandatory volunteering at our preschool, however, parents are always welcome in the classroom Parents can volunteer by:
· participating in the classroom
· attending annual general meetings
· making the weekly playdoh
· sitting on the board or holding one of several non-board positions (filled at the fall general meeting.

Questions?  Email us at funwithfrenchpreschool@gmail.com