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Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely NOT!  The Fun with French Preschool is a stepping stone into the French Immersion Program, but a French background is not necessary.  

The main language for providing direction and instructions is English. Children learn basic words and songs in French, such as days of the week, months, numbers, colors, etc.  In short, we make learning French FUN, gradual, pressure-free and seamless! 

Many of our move into the French immersion kindergarten program and many choose to go on to a regular kindergarten.

2. What is "Parent Volunteer Days"?

Parent volunteering is not mandatory but definitely encouraged. You (parent), or your designate (18 years or older), can sign up to help the teachers in your child's class on any school day(s) that you are available. Duties may include classroom cleaning, craft set-up, snack assistance, dressing up the kids to go to the outdoor playground on Park Days. You are encouraged to interact with the children as they learn and as you feel comfortable. Most important of all - HAVE FUN!


It is important that all observations and information gained about the children DO NOT leave the classroom. If you need to discuss an issue please respect the privacy of our students and contact the Teacher or an executive member.

3. What should I pack for my child's snacks?

Please provide a nutritious snack and drink for your child each day. Please cut up foods, and avoid those that could be a choking hazard, such as popcorn and pretzels. Click here for some healthy nut-free snack ideas.
We are a NUT AWARE PROGRAM within a NUT AWARE SCHOOL. Please check labels regularly as ingredients do change. The smell and touch of products that have been in contact with nuts can be enough to trigger a severe to fatal reaction in people with allergies. Please be diligent in your efforts.

4. What is the daily routine?

Our daily routine includes:
· Children Arrive/Sign In
· Craft and Play Centres
· Circle Time/Calendar
· Group Art/Theme Work
· Bathroom break/Hand washing (as needed)
· Snack time
· Gym
· Open play and Library
· Clean-up time
· Story time/Sign out

Useful Links:

For those parents wanting to continue their child's education in French Immersion, please visit the following links for more information on French Immersion. 

· Canadian Parents for French: This site has lots of useful information for parents and students either considering or attending French Immersion. CPF.CA

· Or you can check out the Provincial chapter by visiting CPF Alberta

For More information about Elk Island Public School French Immersion Kindergarten and grade school program visit EIPS.

Your child does NOT have to continue into French Immersion Kindergarten to attend our preschool.